The 9th International SAWSANA Agricultural exhibition 2016

April 2016

After the consecutive successes of the International SAWSANA Agricultural Exhibition which organized by the Technical Consultancy Center; it’s will be held for the ninth time in the April 2016.

SAWSANA give the opportunity to the participating companies to win of making contracts and agreements of domestic and foreign trade. More than one hundred local and foreign companies have participated in the exhibition.

The agricultural sector in Jordan, the mainstay of its economic development, social and environmental. And it’s considering more closely to natural resources than other economic sector.

Hence, the government is working to adopt a comprehensive reform policies adopted the principle of partnership between the Public and private sectors that will make the agriculture sector attractive for investment and enhance opportunities for competitive products of this sector in the regional and global markets.


As a sponsor your company will enjoy the advantages of maximum participation. Sponsorship shows all sectors that your company is a powerful and energetic player on the market. Exhibition provides an ideal opportunity for your company to present itself and stand out amongst its competitors before an entire specialist audience. The opportunity to win another client, do a deal with a new partner or create new business links with similar companies can all become part of your sponsorship experience. We can offer you various forms of sponsorship to suit your budget.

Venue: Amman - Jordan
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